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    10911 Michael Hunt Drive

    10911 Michael Hunt Drive

    Originally posted on Tropics of Meta:
    After my home, Epiphany is the place that looms largest in my South El Monte life. It was where I attended elementary school, walking home with my sisters after school in our saddle shoes and plaid jumpers, me carrying my backpack over just one shoulder so as not to…

Interview on Young to Publishing Writers Blog

I was thrilled to be interviewed by a talented young writer and publishing professional Stephanie Jimenez. You can check out the post here! Back when I was “young,” I attended Young to Publishing events and met some great people. But back then they didn’t have a special writers group. Go to the website for more info on them, as well as other interviews of writers who also work in publishing!

A South El Monte Story

I would like this blog to keep track of all the literary works that come out of or are about South El Monte. My good friend, fellow Macondista, and fellow MPW graduate Michael Sarabia has published his story Tio Rojo in  Label Me Latina/o. And the story is set in South El Monte! You can read it and other fine works here.

Interview on La Bloga

I was thrilled to be interviewed by the lovely and talented Melinda Palacio for the Friday edition of La Bloga. Here I talk about what I’m doing these days–freelance editing!


My book came out five years ago so it’s wonderful to see that people are still finding it and enjoying it. This is a review from writer Michael Czyzniejewski, who is reading one story a day for a year! I love this idea, and I love that he enjoyed my collection. You can read here what he has to say about Bolero and other stories.

McBride Revisited

I’ve just published a story in a relatively new journal, Origins! “McBride Revisited” is about Gabe, a character from  my story collection. He was one of my favorite characters in the stories, but he didn’t narrate any of them and we were never in his head. Now that is rectified! The story is also a loose nod to a novel I love, Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. I discovered there was a street in Los Angeles named South McBride Avenue and I could not resist the pun.

You can read it here!

Young to Publishing Writers

Young to Publishing Writers


One story per day for an entire year.


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