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    Burn The Wagon: Call For Submissions

               Burn the Wagon Chapbook Series Our city’s official logo proudly proclaims El Monte’s place at the “end of the Santa Fe Trail.” The white covered wagon at the center of the logo places white Americans as El Monte’s “pioneers.” Indigenous people that occupied these lands before and the Mexican, Latino, […]

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Short Stories

“The Manjar Versus Mate Mornings,” published in River River, Spring 2017.

“McBride Revisited,” published in Origins Journal, Summer 2016.

“Edgar and the Incredible Birthday Demand of 1989,” published in Label Me Latina/o, Spring 2016.

“The Accidents of a Veronica,” All about Skin: Short Fiction by Women of Color, published by University of Wisconsin Press, 2014.

“The Taxi Gal Blues,” published in PALABRA, Issue 1.

“The Mountains Speak Aymara,” published in THEMA, Summer 2003.


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Young to Publishing Writers

Young to Publishing Writers


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