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    Burn The Wagon: Call For Submissions

               Burn the Wagon Chapbook Series Our city’s official logo proudly proclaims El Monte’s place at the “end of the Santa Fe Trail.” The white covered wagon at the center of the logo places white Americans as El Monte’s “pioneers.” Indigenous people that occupied these lands before and the Mexican, Latino, […]

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New Story in Label Me Latina/o

My short story, “Edgar and the Incredible Birthday Demand of 1989,” is published in the latest volume of Label Me Latina/o! You can read it for free here. The story isn’t actually new–I wrote it many years ago, although not as far back as 1989. It was inspired by an exchange I had with my mother when I was a child. I forget how it came up, but she told me that not everyone had piñatas at their birthday parties. I was shocked and disturbed! How could this be? Every party I’d ever been to had a piñata. The story also draws inspiration from Los Angeles supermarket employees going on strike and our trips to parties my mothers’ bosses threw.

I hope you enjoy the story and that you check out the other stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, and scholarly essays posted. The journal is published by two professors who want to document Latino literary production. They’re accepting submissions until June 15. Happy Reading!

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  1. Rosa Wiebers

     /  April 6, 2016

    Wonderful story. Enjoyed it tremendously!


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